Flashback Friday 04: The Good Ole Hockey Game

This is a bit of a personal one.  I would get a lot of questions along the lines of "What's with you and Hockey?" and this was my response.

Now in regards to the high school section, that's not there to make anyone feel bad.  But it was a thing that happened.  I loved my classmates, and I still do, and I made some wonderful friends but that sort of thing was just a fact.  I'm not gonna point fingers at anyone, it's just a thing.  High Schoolers can be really unintentionally (and even intentionally at times) cruel.  But it was an important growing experience, and I'm pretty pleased with how that helped shape me into who I am now.


I would absolutely love to go back and redo this one.  It was the second full comic I ever produced, and I did it completely traditionally.  Despite it's flaws, I'm still kinda happy with it, even if it's just on a sentimental level.

I love Hockey.