Flashback Friday 04: The Good Ole Hockey Game

This is a bit of a personal one.  I would get a lot of questions along the lines of "What's with you and Hockey?" and this was my response.

Now in regards to the high school section, that's not there to make anyone feel bad.  But it was a thing that happened.  I loved my classmates, and I still do, and I made some wonderful friends but that sort of thing was just a fact.  I'm not gonna point fingers at anyone, it's just a thing.  High Schoolers can be really unintentionally (and even intentionally at times) cruel.  But it was an important growing experience, and I'm pretty pleased with how that helped shape me into who I am now.


I would absolutely love to go back and redo this one.  It was the second full comic I ever produced, and I did it completely traditionally.  Despite it's flaws, I'm still kinda happy with it, even if it's just on a sentimental level.

I love Hockey.

She Sang Hymns out of Tune

For my illustration final we had to make an illustration based off of a song the instructor chose, and he chose "She Sang Hymns out of Tune" by Harry Nilsson.  You can listen to it here.  It's a sweet little song, but it's pretty melancholic to me.  I interpreted it to mean that this girl has passed away, and the one singing the song misses her.  Also if you give me an excuse to draw stars I will draw stars on everything.  That's just how I am.

Flashback Friday 03: You're Next Shift!!

For class we had to illustrate anthropomorphic animals, and so I took a beaver, a bear, and a wolf and put them in Hockey gear.  It's a concept I wouldn't mind re-doing sometime in a more stylized, cutesier style.  I think a children's book about a hockey playing beaver would be adorable.

Flashback Friday 02: Ancient Faces

For a class Sophomore year we had to do a character design, so I decided to revisit some ancient characters from my middle school and high school days.  I really enjoyed these characters and I hadn't realized how much I really missed them until  started drawing them.  I only had to draw one really, but I got so lost in my old imaginings that I sort of just went with it.  Also there's a random thumbnail for a different assignment in this bunch but that was just to keep an even amount of images in the little gallery thing really.

Flashback Friday 01: Mid-Flight Fishing

This is a piece from my Sophomore year at CCAD, and we were prompted to do an illustration based on a prompt, and mine was "Blimp".  Here I have my thumbnails, sketch, refined sketch, and final.


For my Children's Illustration Market class we had to pick an animal and create a poster that had facts about the animal worked into the piece.  I chose the Serval Cat because they're absolutely beautiful.

Keep Those Feet Warm

Here is a character design I came up with for class.  This girl's name is Tami and she's a hunter.  She comes from a cold climate that's heading towards spring at the time of this girl's point in her story.  She is inspired by Scandanavian, Polish, German, Mongolian, and South African art and clothing.

Cover Illustration Practice

For my Children's Illustration Market class we did a fake cover for Ladybug Magazine.  The process included 6 preliminary concepts, four refined concepts, a comp, and then the final.  I had a ton of fun with this project! I feel I could have pushed it even further, but I went through a series of technical difficulties with the file getting corrupted.  I got it done though!