Ow What


I made a comic for the local Columbus indie comics expo, otherwise known as SPACE (Small Press Alternative Comics Expo).  It was just a small ten pager but it was fun!

Here are the sketches and thumbnails:


Flashback Friday 02: Ancient Faces

For a class Sophomore year we had to do a character design, so I decided to revisit some ancient characters from my middle school and high school days.  I really enjoyed these characters and I hadn't realized how much I really missed them until  started drawing them.  I only had to draw one really, but I got so lost in my old imaginings that I sort of just went with it.  Also there's a random thumbnail for a different assignment in this bunch but that was just to keep an even amount of images in the little gallery thing really.

Flashback Friday 01: Mid-Flight Fishing

This is a piece from my Sophomore year at CCAD, and we were prompted to do an illustration based on a prompt, and mine was "Blimp".  Here I have my thumbnails, sketch, refined sketch, and final.

Sketchdump 012: Happy Finals Month

I say finals month because in art school you have final projects that can last around a month.

Keep Those Feet Warm

Here is a character design I came up with for class.  This girl's name is Tami and she's a hunter.  She comes from a cold climate that's heading towards spring at the time of this girl's point in her story.  She is inspired by Scandanavian, Polish, German, Mongolian, and South African art and clothing.

Sketchdump 009: Summer Please


I like this whole neon sharpie thing.  I think I'm gonna do more of those, and not just for Sailor Moon.  I should get a bin of Sharpies.  Also I'm developing a character for a group project.  She hunts with a bow.  Her name is Tami ( Pronounced Tah-mi). Also Ali, Alex, and Eloise make a re-appearance.  And Black Spy and Red Tie. :P

Sketchdump 007: The Mighty Fall

It's fun to draw people falling.  Still developing these dweebs, also featuring random people from the Hockey game I went to the other day.  Fun fun fun!

Sketchdump 006: Cuddles and Cuties

So I've finally decided to do something with this girl, and I'm working on developing a comic for her.  She now has a brother and some friends, and a name! Her name is Alex, but she goes by Ali.  She has a brother named Francis who goes by Frankie, and two best friends.  A boy who's name is also Alex, and his girlfriend Eloise.  These three have a really interesting dynamic, and it's gonna take a lot of fleshing out but Alex and Ali are about as close to siblings you can get without being related.  More on these nerds to come, stay tuned!

Cover Illustration Practice

For my Children's Illustration Market class we did a fake cover for Ladybug Magazine.  The process included 6 preliminary concepts, four refined concepts, a comp, and then the final.  I had a ton of fun with this project! I feel I could have pushed it even further, but I went through a series of technical difficulties with the file getting corrupted.  I got it done though!