Sketchdump 012: Happy Finals Month

I say finals month because in art school you have final projects that can last around a month.

Sketchdump 009: Summer Please


I like this whole neon sharpie thing.  I think I'm gonna do more of those, and not just for Sailor Moon.  I should get a bin of Sharpies.  Also I'm developing a character for a group project.  She hunts with a bow.  Her name is Tami ( Pronounced Tah-mi). Also Ali, Alex, and Eloise make a re-appearance.  And Black Spy and Red Tie. :P

Sketchdump 007: The Mighty Fall

It's fun to draw people falling.  Still developing these dweebs, also featuring random people from the Hockey game I went to the other day.  Fun fun fun!

Sketchdump 006: Cuddles and Cuties

So I've finally decided to do something with this girl, and I'm working on developing a comic for her.  She now has a brother and some friends, and a name! Her name is Alex, but she goes by Ali.  She has a brother named Francis who goes by Frankie, and two best friends.  A boy who's name is also Alex, and his girlfriend Eloise.  These three have a really interesting dynamic, and it's gonna take a lot of fleshing out but Alex and Ali are about as close to siblings you can get without being related.  More on these nerds to come, stay tuned!