Myers Birds: A Personality Field Guide

Welcome to Myers Birds!  Inside this book you will learn about how the Myers Briggs system works, along with discovering each personality type.  Each type has been defined by a different kind of bird that was picked based on foraging habits, migration, and documented behaviors.  Once the bird and personality have been matched, each embroidered illustration was designed with the personalities in mind.  The patterns, colors, and even stitch styles are chosen purposefully in order to bring a feeling of individuality and uniqueness to each illustration.   Each piece takes roughly two weeks of research, sketching, and non-stop sewing.  

Excerpts from "Myers Birds"

ENFJ - Purple Martin

 "The pattern is made of directional triangles and diamonds that point away from the center, portraying the fact that ENFJ’s are more outwardly focused than inward.  That’s also shown in the neutral color choice.  They are however very social, so the bird is surrounded by shapes that represent being surrounded by others.  The stitching in the body is sewn in a swirl, bringing emphasis to the sweet smile of the Purple Martin.  This is to heighten the friendliness of the bird, and to reflect the warmth of an ENFJ."

ESFJ - Vermillion Flycatcher

    "The border is bright, bold, and vibrant just like an ENFJ.  It’s built of diamond shapes and triangles that all point to the bird like spotlights. The bird sits proudly in the center,  upright with it’s chest puffed out.  The stitch used to sew the body of the bird is soft and fluffy, resembling carpet.  It adds dimension and sets the bird apart from all the others, much like how an ESFJ likes to portray themselves."

Senior Thesis Display, Finished Birds and Sketches

ISTP - Mountain Bluebird

    "In the pattern there are a wide variety of different stitch styles utilized to form the abstract shapes that create the frame.  This is also showcased in the stitching of the bird, with eight different techniques used to build the color.  The accent green is light, with multiple shades of green used to represent how many different skills, techniques, and projects that ISTP personalities utilize and complete."